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 “Walesa: Man of Hope”

Director: Andrzej Wajda

Thursday March 20 @ 7:15pm Regent Square Theater

Danuta Walesa, Former First Lady will be attending + Reception

 “This biopic tribute to Lech Walesa, the Nobel peace prize-winning politician and human rights activist, is an enjoyable look at an unconventional hero.”– The Guardian. In Wałęsa: Man of Hope, Andrzej Wajda probes the private life of the Polish “Solidarity” Trade Union leader and wrests from its essence the incredible transformation of a shipyard worker into a charismatic leader.

Ticket Prices: $15, Students and Seniors: $10

Second screening: Sunday March 23 @ 4:30pm McConomy Auditorium CMU campus

“Women's Day”

Director: Maria Sadowska

Thursday April 3 @ 5:00pm  McConomy Auditorium CMU Campus @ 5:00pm 

Women’s Day is an enthralling story about the difficult choices and ethical dilemmas that can come along with a paycheck. Not only does it address female solidarity and issues of gender equality, but invests strong emphasis on workers’ rights in a post-Soviet Poland. Lead actress Katarzyna Kwiatkowska delivers a dazzling performance as a complicated heroine of the labor force. Based upon a real-life lawsuit against a major supermarket chain, Women’s Day is a true underdog story, a salute to those who voice their concerns in the menacing face of oppression.

Ticket Prices: $8, Students and Seniors: $5

Full Access Festival Passes: General: $50, Seniors and Students: $25










The mission of the Polish Cultural Council is to showcase the best in Polish arts and sciences and promote unity among the region's Polish American community. The PCC is a 501(c)3 organization that initiates and facilitates Polish cultural events.

The PCC has its roots in the Central Council of Polish Organizations. Founded 80 years ago to foster coordination among the myriad Polish fraternal, social and religious organizations, the PCC has expanded its role in the lives of Polish Americans in western Pennsylvania.


Regional Events

Drodzy Rodzice:

Mamy nadzieje ze znajdziecie Panstwo czas aby odpowiedziec na 5 krotkich pytan dotyczacych naszej nowej inicjatywy: "Polish Kids Club" w Pittsburgh'u.
Wystarczy kliknac na podany link by wypelnic ankiete. Po zakonczeniu nalezy nacisnac 'done'.


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