aero-360Join us for a fun time at Kennywood Park as the Polish Cultural Council celebrates the 84th Annual Polish Day with delicious Polish food, a bake sale, strolling musicians, Roman Catholic Mass, Polish religious hymns and folk melodies, Polish folk dancing, and free polka dance to end the evening.
Dancing to “Boys Polka Band” from Baltimore.
Discounted tickets purchased in advance from the Polish Cultural Council:
Ride All Day ages 3-54…….$26
Ride All Day ages 55-64 ….$16
Over age 65 with coupon….$11
After 5 PM…………………..$18
Ages 2 and under……………..FREE
For tickets and ticket information call (412) 921-0292


WHO: Any female of Polish lineage between the ages of 16 and 21 may apply. You must have at least one grandparent of Polish descent to qualify for the honor of Miss Polonia.

WHAT: “Miss Polonia” is crowned at the afternoon festivities at Kennywood Park on Polish Day, the first Tuesday in August. This year, Polish Day at Kennywood is Tuesday, August 4. You must be available from 1 – 6 p.m. on that day for the ceremony, pictures and conversation. Miss Polonia is encouraged to attend the Bal Polonaise and any other Polish Cultural functions that might occur as a representative and guest of the PCC. If you are a college student, your attendance would be limited to school breaks and summer.

WHEN: Miss Polonia will represent the Polish Community from Polish Day 2015 until Polish Day 2016!
A $500 scholarship will be awarded at Kennywood to be used for college text books.