About the Polish Cultural Council

The Polish Cultural Council’s mission is to showcase the finest achievements in the Polish arts and sciences
and helps to promote unity among the regions’ Polish-American community.

PCC achieves its mission by presenting Polish themed cultural events, programs, lectures, and exhibits.
Often, we accomplish this by partnering with community institutions such as WQED Multimedia,
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, and the Carnegie Science Center.

We have a successful track record of innovative community projects. The highlights of our presentations include:

  • “Through Polish Eyes” Film Festival at The Carnegie (in collaboration
    with the University of Pittsburgh), the best attended festival in the Carnegie Museum’s history;
  • “In Search for the Second Earth” project, featuring world-renowned Polish Astronomer
    and Astrophysicist, Dr. Alexander Wolszczan (in collaboration with the Carnegie Science Museum);
  • Several literary meetings with authors of the best-sellers on the Polish theme
    (e.g. Lynn Olson/Stanley Cloud, authors of ”Question of Honor”Hanka Sawka, who wrote
    “At Hanka’s Table” and others – in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, Slavic Department);
  • Several concerts, among them presentation of the “wunderkind” Igor Lipinski, singers Grazyna Brodzinska,
    soprano and bass baritone, Krzysztof Kowalewski, piano recitals by Zygmunt KrauzeMaciej Grzybowski, Ewa Pobłocka.
    and the internationally renowned Jagodzinski Jazz Trio from Poland;
  • Theatrical and cabaret productions, including poetry & music gatherings;
  • Presentation of the National Ballet “Slask” at the Carnegie Music Hall and planned
    presentation of MAZOWSZE, November, 2010 on their 60th Anniversary tour;
  • Regular sponsorship of Polish music and Polish composers on WQED-FM and sponsorship
    of two public broadcasting TV programs (WQED); “Mazowsze” and “The Polish-Americans”;
  • Collaboration with the Pittsburgh Filmmakers with their long-standing Three Rivers Film Festival,
    showcasing the newest in the Polish cinema. The Pittsburgh Filmmakers collaboration extended from 2004-2019.
    From 2020 PCC continues with
    Film Pittsburgh.
  • The annual Bal Polonaise and Ostatki (Mardi Gras) events, bringing together three generations
    of the Polish-Americans.
  • Quarterly publishing of “The Polish Journey” newsletter, reaching close to 4000 readers.

The events and newsletter could only be accomplished through the tremendous effort
of our volunteers, members and friends of the PCC.

The PCC also acts as conduit for Pittsburgh organizations working with official Polish delegations, professors,
musicians, artists, etc. who call upon us to help in hosting these distinguished guests. These include hosting
the world renowned sculptress and visual artist, Magdalena Abakanowicz; during the The Three Rivers
Arts Festival
, the Polish “Rozmaitosci” Theatre at the Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts
and, collaboration with the Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre during their Beckett Festival, featuring
Polish Director, Tadeusz Bradecki.

In addition, PCC staffs a Polish school, teaching the language on various levels to all age groups.

The PCC, as a non-profit, 501(c)3 corporation and is an outgrowth of The Central Council of Polish
 (CCPO), which was founded in 1930. The PCC was born out of the need to coordinate
the numerous activities of dozens of Polish cultural and fraternal groups active at the time. Today, under
a new and expanded mandate, the PCC acts as the source for most of the Polish cultural activity
in western Pennsylvania.